by Justin Wong
Lithophone is a piece of historical storytelling, and a revival of a piece of information on a historical technology of great import for some people in the era in which it flourished. Design for an exhibition on history and technology, called Museum of Lost Interaction, a classmate, Max Shenvin and I prepared also require a video for our design that will told the story of the lithophone design made use of a crystal that could be encoded with audio material. The message in question could be heard from the crystal when the crystal is placed and secured within a special enclosure and a special handled is turned. The lithophone is also connected to a speaker, allowing the voice encoded on the crystal to sound out, clearly. Shenvin and I received an A2 for reviving elements of the lithophone in my third year Digital Interaction Design as know as DIXD. The lithophone places great emphasis on user experience and we bring the story of this invention to life even though the actual object fell out of disuse several decades ago. While trying to bring the story of the lithophone to life, we also did some research on the documentation behind the process.